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Reel with lanyard cable

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Reel with lanyard cable

The reel with lanyard cable is used to close the hydrant pit valve remotely in case of emergency. This system is independent of the dead-man’s switch and is the most common method.

The reel is made of stainless steel, compact and very light, has a diameter of 230 mm and can hold up to 30 m of 5 mm cable. The shaft is covered by a PVC surface that isolated the cable from the reel support. The reel also has an adjustable brake in the form of a screw and enables adjusting the rewinding friction. The shaft has the optimum diameter to minimise the tendency of the cable to assume a spiral form.

It is furnished with a guide, which can be unscrewed, that enables the cable to unwind without engaging with the reel plates. The reel includes a plastic handle, rotating, that enables insulation and is easily interchangeable. The support has two 10 mm holes for mounting.

The reel is furnished with 30 m of lanyard cable (with red or yellow cover) and a steel carabiner on the end.

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